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Our August Specials - Guppy & Other Ornamental Fishes

Scientific NamePoecilia Reticulata

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 23-28 ░C; pH 7; dH 6-20

Care LevelMedium

Red Neon Tuxedo Guppy

Our Guppy Specials...
Blue Varigated Guppy Golden Cobra Guppy Green Cobra Guppy Metallic Golden Guppy Neon-Blue Guppy Neon LT Red Guppy
Peacock Guppy Pectoral LF Mixed Guppy Rainbow Guppy Red Leopard Tail Guppy Yellow Leopard Tail Guppy Yellow Tail Guppy


Our Other Freshwater Ornamental Fish Specials...

Black & Yellow Leporinus Clown Killie Pink-Tailed Chalceus Platydoras Costatus Spotted Gar Spotted Headstander


Our Offer Items...
Mono Sebae Angel Lab. Fuelleborni OB Pseudotropheus Acci Nothobranchius Guentheri Nothobranchius Rubripinnis Silver Bala Shark

Peek of our Specialities...

Scats-Silver Puffer-Dwarf Leopard Ctenopoma Mono Angel Scats-Red Spotted
Silver Calico Molly Golden Black Neon Molly LT Silver SF Molly Green SF Molly Golden SF Molly
Black Platy Red Wagtail Platy Hawaii Variatus Platy Coral Red Platy White Mickey Platy

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