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Our March Specials - Cichlids

Scientific NamePseudotropheus Elongatus

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 25-30 ░C; pH 6-8; dH 6-14

Care LevelMedium

Pseudo. Elongatus


Our Malawi Cichlids Specials...
Aul. Jacobfreibergi- Red Dim. Compresscieps Pseudo. Zebra Albino (Snow Cichlid) Chilotilapia Rhoadesii Haplo. Venustus Haplo. Ahli
Pseudotropheus Acci Lab. Flavissimus- Yellow Princess Red Kadango Lab. Fuelleborni OB Mel. Blue Johanni Pseudo. Zebra Red

Our Other Cichlids Specials...

Electric Blue Dempsey LF Managuense Cichlid Hero Severum - Red Shoulder Uaru Cichlid Flower Horn Assorted Convict Cichlid
Guayas Cichlid Dwarf Flag Cichlid Yellow Belly Cichlid Tilapia Buttikoferi Hero Severum Guianacara Geayi
Our New/Offer Specials this March...
Julii Corydoras Pseudo. Demasoni Pearl Arrowana Ram Electric Blue Borneo Tiger Fish Half Ghost Pigeon Blood Discus

Peek of our Specialities...

Rosy Tetra Buenos Aires Tetra Negro Brilliant Black Neon Tetra  Colombian Redfin Tetra Neon Tetra
Green Marble Molly Golden Black Neon Molly Silver Molly Golden Molly Black Molly LT
Ram Balloon Ramirezi Holland Ram Cichlid Ram Balloon Electric Blue Ram Balloon Golden

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